We offer original concepts with customizable options designed for commercial spaces.  Our work-surfaces are made with domestic regional hardwoods, reclaimed woods, urban timber and laminates.  We strive to offer the highest quality product designed with the understanding that everything ages and everything needs to be flexible at some point in life.  

Counters (coming soon)

Cafe Tables (coming soon)

Sit/Stand Desks

We are now offering a sit/stand desk through our Aymae Brand.  These motorized desks start at 30" and elevate to 50" at full height.  Simple, clean design and technology make these pieces an exciting addition to our product line.  We are creating a collection of accessories and customizable options for these desks to include keyboard trays, monitor holders, av/data grommets, etc.  Click here for more information on this exciting new addition.  You can select any finish or species for the desk top from either the Pegleg Studio product line or Aymae.