Simple, flexible workstation.

We are pleased to offer these standing desks in conjunction with Aymae.  Go from sitting to standing with this soft-start desk by simply pushing the up or down arrow.  With a full height of 50" this desk can accommodate even our tallest customers. 

Push-Button height

The electric motor has a simple push-button corded remote that can be mounted anywhere on the desk.  It runs silently on 120v power.  Height adjustable from a standard 30.5" work surface to a max height of 50"

You select the top size

These desks favor smaller offices and home use with their compact dimensions.  The desk can be assembled to support a minimum surface of 24" x 48" to a max of 36" x 72".  Shown above is a 60" long surface.

Sturdy Worksurface

This desk is rigid and not prone to wobble.  It's sturdy footprint means you can work with and around this desk without fear of losing stability as the surface increases in height.