We can help you make wood feature walls work.  If you have a custom profile, species, or color; we can help.  


We produce solid-wood siding for interior applications.  Our profiles feature expansion gaps and a re-designed tongue and groove to allow for greater room for fasteners.  

Walnut wide plank V-groove.

Walnut wide plank V-groove.

Custom width Oak and stain.  4500 L.F

Custom width Oak and stain.  4500 L.F


We understand how difficult it can be to get a specific look.  We provide solutions to GC's and architects where they need something extra or can't seem to capture the right look.

Fire-rated finish

We have some options for fire-rated finishes on wood.  We use industry recognized chemicals that are compatible with our finishes so you can satisfy fire-code.  

Walnut Mill Face with Class A rated finish.

Walnut Mill Face with Class A rated finish.


Reception Desks

Reception Desks exist on the line between millwork and furniture.  They're always custom and present their own challenges for durability, usability, and wire-management access.  Commercial lobby renovations are a common theme on the market today and these small, yet finish heavy projects almost always involve a Reception Desk.  We can help!  For more information Click!


Conference Tables

We design and manufacture commercial furniture for the lobby, common areas, cafes, and conference.  To learn more about our furniture click here.