Craig Sager Conference Table

Atlanta, Georgia.  May 2018


Craig Sager

Craig Sager was known for his colorful suits which ran wild with color or pattern.  We worked with a Turner graphic designer who provided us with creative direction and files while we began the careful work of balancing a finally patterned image burned into wood.  The result was a unique table for a special place.


Pyrographic Artwork

The paisley artwork was provided by our client.  We projected and burned the image by hand using scraping, wire-brushing, sanding and finish to achieve a multi-toned yet crisp image that wasn't too deep or coarse to prevent writing.



Long Plank: 48" x 120" w/ 1.5" sq. edge.

30" height, adjustable +/- 1/2"

Loop Leg Base


Finish Specs

Top is solid ASH w/ custom color Rubio topcoat over dye stain.  Base is steel with acrylic black paint.


Tech Specs

Extron 500 cable cubby with retractable power, data, usb.  Conferencing pad with satellite mics.