Pegleg Who?


"Traditional carpentry with a contemporary twist: curiously rustic, definitely modern. It's like dropping acid in a mom and pop antique store - a retro-futuristic statement about both the history and the present state of design."


I was raised in a world full of history and the historical objects of my mother's antique business.  After serving in the Marine Corps I helped Mom by repairing antiques and found myself specializing in finishes. After several years perfecting those skills, I had cut so many different kinds of joints, and built such an array of custom jigs that I thought I'd try building from the ground up. Pursuing the craft of furniture making across its breadth from old school to modern techniques and tools meant that design became a very visual and tactile experience for me. Lately I've been working with more and more character grade woods and colorful finish combinations. Using texture to promote touch and colors to catch your eye, I’m looking for a playful balance of where wood can just be wood, and the finish serves to promote the clean and simple wood grains and material imperfections I like to work with in my designs.